bowlsinofficeTake a deep breath and immerse yourself into a deep state of rest and relaxation with the vibration and sound of ancient Tibetan singing bowls. Experience a renewed, centered place of calm, peace and serenity with a meditative, healing sound bowl massage.

The stresses of daily life can take a toll on our mental, emotional, spiritual as well as our physical well being. Tibetan sound bowl therapy & treatments have been used for centuries. Benefits of a singing bowl treatment are numerous including stress & blood pressure reduction, improved circulation, increased blood flow, immunity boosting, anger reduction and much more. Clients of sound massage feel more balanced and leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated & relaxed after a session.

Individual sound sessions incorporate a combination of deep breathing & relaxation techniques using bowl sequences and unique patterns of tones intuitively tailored to each client. The singing bowls utilized in a sound massage session are hand crafted and are of the highest quality. These remarkable vessels fuse both art & history, crafted between the 16th century to 19th century.  All were hand hammered and forged by monks. With every hammer mark, the monks intentionally infuse ancient mantras and prayers into each singing bowl thus each piece contains hundreds of prayers and is a concentrated receptacle of high vibration and spiritual energy.

What to Expect

For a sound massage the client lays on a comfortable, organic natural fiber kapok mat, an excellent transmitter of gentle, soothing bowl vibrations. The singing bowls are then laid in a pattern aligned with the chakras/energy centers around the body. Bowls are softly rung, inviting the client to relax and calm the chattering of a busy, overactive mind. Additional techniques such as warm water bowl massage therapy, soft chanting and targeted energy movement may also be incorporated in a session depending on individual needs.

Clients currently journeying through cancer treatments/chemotherapy receive a reduced session rate of $50. 


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Sessions are one hour in length. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing with no buttons for your session. Sound sessions are also available for yoga classes and group meditations.

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