Medicine_Buddha_Tibetan Thangka_Thanka_TangkaOne of his students asked Buddha,
“Are you the messiah?”

“No”, answered Buddha.
“Then are you a healer?”
“No”, Buddha replied.
“Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted.
“No, I am not a teacher.”
“Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated.
“I am awake”, Buddha replied



For well over two thousand years, singing bowls have been utilized for mainly three purposes; meditation, healing and for awakening and raising consciousness. Our Singing Bowl Studio offers the highest quality, hand selected singing bowls for your individual or healing practice purposes.

All of our bowls are sourced from Singing Bowl Master Teacher & Practitioner Suren Surestha.

Katherine is so grateful and blessed to provided with the absolute highest caliber, museum quality bowls from Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal.

Suren uses local sources to uncover ancient and antique bowls from private collections and then sends the top selection onto Katherine’s studio in New York. Both new and antique singing bowl are healing grade and crafted by the same family (caste) & lineage of monks in Nepal still hand hammering and casting bowls in the same tradition handed down for well over two thousand years.

The sale of each bowl contributes to the construction and daily operations of the Atma Orphanage in Khandbari, Nepal.


Here is a sampling of singing bowls below, please email to come by my studio in Manhattan to spend time with the bowls. For those outside NYC, contact me to arrange a phone or Skype session to invite in the experience each individual singing bowl. In our lineage of Atma Buti, we utilize the Tibetan system to correspond with each chakra as noted. The Vedic/Hindu system is noted in parenthesis.

Bowl inventory is dynamic and changes rapidly. New bowls arrive monthly so please make sure to call and come by the studio to listen and view what’s in stock.

“A” Note Bowls- Throat Chakra- (Vedic/Third Eye)

A Bowl-Hand hammered, 11 inches diameter, 2100 grams SOLD

A Bowl-Hand hammered, 10 1/4 inches diameter, 1930 grams SOLD

“B” Note Bowls-Crown Chakra-(Vedic/Crown)

B Bowl-Hand hammered, 10 inches diameter, 2015 grams SOLD

B Bowl-Hand hammered, 9 1/2 inches diameter, 1615 grams SOLD

“C” Note Bowls-Sacral Chakra-(Vedic/Root)

C Bowl-Hand hammered, 10 inches in diameter, 2275 grams.

C Bowl-Hand hammered, 9 inches in diameter, long sustain. SOLD

C Bowl-Hand hammered, 9 1/2 inches diameter, 1635 grams SOLD

“D” Note Bowls-Heart Chakra-(Vedic/Sacral)

D Bowl-Hand hammered, 10 3/4 inches diameter, 2490 grams SOLD

D Bowl-Hand hammered, 10 inches diameter, 1970 grams SOLD

“E” Note Bowls-Third Eye Chakra-(Vedic/Solar Plexus)

E Bowl- Hand hammered, 9 1/4 inches diameter, SOLD

E Bowl-Hand hammered, 8 1/2 inches diameter, 1485 grams SOLD

E Bowl-Hand hammered, 9 inches diameter, 1635 grams

E Bowl-Hand hammered, LARGE, 13 inches diameter, 3590 grams SOLD

“F” Note Bowls-Root Chakra-(Vedic/Heart)

F Bowl-Hand hammered, 11 1/2 inches diameter, 2410 grams SOLD

F Bowl-Hand hammered, 11 3/4 inches diameter, 2395 grams SOLD

“G” Note Bowls-Solar Plexus Chakra-(Vedic/Throat)

G Bowl-Hand hammered, 10 inches diameter, 1620 grams SOLD

G Bowl-Hand hammered, 11 1/2 inches diameter, 2160 grams SOLD

G Bowl-Hand hammered, 2135 grams, 10 1/2 inches SOLD

I also carry an assortment of small to mid size meditation/mind singing bowls, tingshaws, bell & djore sets,  meditation malas, mallets, rubbing wands and other singing bowl accessories.