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Candlelight Restorative Yoga & Tibetan Singing Bowl Workshop

We invite you to journey inward and unwind your body and mind in this therapeutic restorative yoga practice accompanied by the healing vibrations of ancient Tibetan singing bowls.

The partnership of the gentle asanas, (postures) and the vibrations from the Tibetan singing bowls help to dissolve blockages, move energy and naturally improve your capacity for self healing.

Restorative yoga helps the body to drop into the parasympathetic nervous system and restore balance by surrendering to the moment, where your body’s natural intelligence to heal itself lives.

During this session you may experience the Tibetan singing bowls being placed on and around the body infused with warm water, essentials oils and the loving intention to bring about deep inner peace, balance and harmony at the cellular level.

This class is suitable for all levels!

Cost: $40 Prepay $45 Day of RSVP Needed!

Join Kristen O’Toole and NYC based Tibetan Bowl Teacher & Practitioner Katherine Hamer.

The sounds of the singing bowls become vibrational medicine moving through and around you as Kristen’s restorative practice slows your body to peel away the physical and emotional stresses of life.

$30 in advance, $35 at the door.



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