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This workshop will be a blend of Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga blessed with the gentle soothing tones of the ancient Tibetan singing bowls.

Yin yoga is based on the principles of Yin & Yang, where Yin is more passive, calming, slow and steady. Yin yoga is a wonderful practice for quieting the active mind by staying in postures longer to stretch the connective tissue. It is a system of long-held, passive floor poses, often using props.

A Restorative practice is very passive, props are used to support the body as we stay in postures for several minutes, enabling the body & mind to completely relax.

Nicole will guide you through a series of postures meant to open and release fascial tissue (aka connective tissue) while Kathy plays the Tibetan singing bowls on and around you. Each bowl emits a frequency to a specific chakra, or energy center of the body. Our bodies resonate with that frequency and raises our vibration to match that of the bowls. These

powerful vibrations open up the energy centers of the body and balance the energies between the centers.

Cost: $35

Space is VERY Limited!  Please sign up at the studio or contact Nicole before purchasing on line.

Kathy has been invited back to share singing bowls and RETURNING THIS YEAR…the popular collaborative bowl and hip opening yoga workshop with Nicole Sansone of Mountain Breeze Yoga.


Deep Hip Opening Yoga and Singing Bowls at 2pm on Saturday, November 4th

I will also be offering a group sound meditation 10am on Sunday, November 5th

Singing Bowl Group Meditation; Stillness in the Sound of Silence at 10am


The Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival promotes traditional and emerging yoga styles, provides beautiful music in a green setting and educates consumers by spotlighting innovations in yoga in New York City’s secluded backyard – the Catskills Mountains. The founders of AHIMSA Yoga and Music Festival have brought together two experiences, music and yoga, to create a single event that will last a lifetime.

If you haven’t been TREAT YOURSELF to a great weekend of AMAZING yoga, music and more. PLUS….MC YOGI will be at Ahimsa this year. Not only a great, aware musician he’s a beautiful human being so it’s definitely worth a trip to the mountains. I hope to see you there!

Kathy with MC Yogi at Soul Camp 2015



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