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The Artist’s Circle NYC
What is The Artist’s Circle?


As we turn the year it’s so valuable to acknowledge and appreciate the work you’ve done both spiritually and physically in 2017. Come to The Artist’s Circle January events to seal in the energy of 2017, empowering yourself with the awareness of all you accomplished, the confidence and power of community to manifest your goals and desires in 2018 with special guest Katherine Hamer leading our sound bath.

The Artist’s Circle is a membership society with regular events in New York City, Los Angeles & Nashville where creatives of all disciplines – musicians, vocalists, songwriters, photographers, film makers, producers.. at all stages of their careers come together to connect, get community support, and transform their lives.
The Artist’s Circle is for ages 12+. Think of it as: artists development meets 12 step program meets life coaching… the diverse ages and disciplines make it inspiring for everyone.

What happens at The Artist’s Circle?

It’s INNER WORK for creatives. Every month is a different theme. We have intimate conversation, play creative games — break habits, break through fears, build character, tools and career goals.

It’s fun & motivating. It’s you community, your tribe, your support system.

Arrive 30 minutes prior to start time. NO LATE ENTRY

The Artist’s Circle: 7:30-10:30pm

There is NO PERFORMING at this event. This is not a typical networking event, you can actually expect to make real connections and build true relationships in your Circle!


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