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The psoas muscle, also referred to as your “fight or flight muscle” is responsible for stabilizing the body. This muscle, deep in the center of the body, attaches the lower lumbar vertebrae to the pelvis and legs -structurally connecting the upper and lower body. This is where most people unconsciously hold stress. This class gives you a effective way to relieve lower back pain, neck, shoulder pain, general tension, and emotional anxiety, encouraging the body to return back to it’s natural state of balance.
The class will start with a series of simple yet long held yoga postures aimed at warming up the psoas muscle. All levels of yoga practice are welcomed -modifications can be given if needed.
The second part of the practice, you will be lead on a journey of shaking out and releasing trapped energies from deep within these primal places while being bathed in the warm healing tones of the Tibetan singing bowls lead by Kathy Hamer.
At times throughout the practice and during shavasana, (rest) the singing bowls may be placed on the body or at the head with the intention to heal, align, and gently move stuck energy out creating space within for deeper healing.
Cost: $35
Space is VERY Limited! Please sign up at the studio or contact Nicole before purchasing on line.

This workshop will be a blend of Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga blessed with the gentle soothing tones of the ancient Tibetan singing bowls.

Yin yoga is based on the principles of Yin & Yang, where Yin is more passive, calming, slow and steady. Yin yoga is a wonderful practice for quieting the active mind by staying in postures longer to stretch the connective tissue. It is a system of long-held, passive floor poses, often using props.

A Restorative practice is very passive, props are used to support the body as we stay in postures for several minutes, enabling the body & mind to completely relax.

Nicole will guide you through a series of postures meant to open and release fascial tissue (aka connective tissue) while Kathy plays the Tibetan singing bowls on and around you. Each bowl emits a frequency to a specific chakra, or energy center of the body. Our bodies resonate with that frequency and raises our vibration to match that of the bowls. These

powerful vibrations open up the energy centers of the body and balance the energies between the centers.

Cost: $35

Space is VERY Limited!  Please sign up at the studio or contact Nicole before purchasing on line.

Relax and refresh to the sound of singing bowls as well as enjoying yoga, acupuncture and more rejuvenating treats this holiday season. Katherine will be providing a soundscape of singing bowls and other sound healing instruments in the lobby of 7 World Trade Center in Manhattan.

Drop by and have a bowl placed on the body or just sit, listen and be transported.

Katherine is happy to partner with hOM, a leading technology-enabled amenity provider that partners with residential and office properties to develop community by providing on-site fitness programming and unique events for tenants.

The Power of Entrainment

October 12, 2014

IMG_2942How do singing bowls actually work?”

This is a common question that’s asked at every event I attend. One practical answer to this complex and multi layered question is through the energetic principal known as Entrainment.

Singing bowls work to restore balance and harmony in a person’s whole being. Much like a musical instrument, in time the human body can become out of tune and stuck in a state of dis-harmony. This in turn can lead to dis-comfort, dis-cord and eventually dis-ease.

Entrainment is the grounded concept that works alongside its mate Resonance. As you may know we are all vibrating at a unique frequency. When two beings meet, they begin resonating and coming into alignment with one another, otherwise known as Sympathetic Resonance. Entrainment or Affected Resonance occurs when a higher, pure, more powerful vibration meets a lower one. When this happens the lower vibration will being to sync with the higher vibration. This effects positive, dynamic change in the lower vibration to meet the pattern of the stronger, more vibrant, light- filled vibration.

Think of the last time you were in the presence of a great spiritual Teacher, Master or other being. Did you feel differently afterward? A high vibration Master utilizes Entrainment naturally and just by being in their company a shift begins to happen deep inside. The example I like to use in workshop classes is this; it’s like sand on a plate that’s just been shaken. You are the plate, your issues are the sand rising to heal and the teacher is the force facilitating the loving shake. Energetic vibration is utilized to dis-lodge and bring to the surface that which needs to be released, cleared and healed.

Singing bowls work in a similar manner and are the simplest way to communicate with a being on a deep, cellular level. When placed on the body, the high vibration of singing bowls work in partnership with Entrainment, Intention and Love to heal long standing root issues, bringing the body back to a state of ease and harmony.


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