The Most Powerful Healing is Done from Within

Sound & Vibrational Healing with Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls

with Katherine Hamer, Certified Teacher & Practitioner

Founder of the Singing Bowl & Sound Institute of New York


CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: Individual sound healing treatments combine deep breathing and relaxation techniques using singing bowl sound and vibration. The effect is a restorative full-body sound massage. Couple’s sessions are also offered.


small group meditation with singing bowls

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: Small group singing bowl meditations are an affordable way to invest in your health and well-being. Gather a group of 4 people or come to our monthly scheduled events.


Katherine Hamer, Soul Camp 2017

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: Experience singing bowls in the context of a yoga class, healing festival, or luxurious spa setting. If you are hosting an event, consider including sound healing with singing bowls!


Kathy Hamer, portrait 2018

ONLINE TRAINING ONLY: Learn how to heal with singing bowls in a multi-level practitioner certification training program. See training and explore ancient Tibetan practices with modern adaptations for sound and vibrational healing.

kathy hamer singing bowls

Everything is vibration, science has proven this.
Where there is vibration, there is sound.
Experience the power of realignment with ancient singing bowls.

standing in a singing bowl

Tune Your Body to Its Natural Frequency.

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