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Did you know that Tibetan bowls can heal? Join James and Katherine Hamer to find sound and vibration therapy is one of the most powerful and transformative means to shift the body at the cellular level. The gentle, soothing tones of singing bowls open the flow of energy by touching every part of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. and they help tune your body to its natural frequency. Singing bowls can help heal a wide range of ailments, lower blood pressure and a whole lot more. Experience the magical power of Tibetan bowls!

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From Awaken To Your Best Self Blog
Aug 29, 2013

Now that the Awaken Fair has embarked upon its second decade, we’re more than pleased to continue to expand–and we’re coming to New Jersey this September! In keeping with the spirit of our Westchester event, we continually present new and exciting contributors to the fair. Please join us in welcoming certified Tibetan singing bowl practitioner and artist, Katherine Hamer.

Katherine, please share with us a little about yourself… >

I am a wife and mother to three beautiful children. I love living and being of service on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I am also an energy healer working with SQ Wellness modalities The Rising Star and Prema Birthing. I am a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. I was born in raised in New York State (having lived nearly the entire length, from downstate all the way to the Canadian border) and also hold BA’s in Art History, Art and Science.

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