Experiences of a Sound Session with Singing Bowls….

“Be ready to start healing inside out!! Kathy is awesome”
~Farzana C., New York, New York

“Compassionate skilled therapist, effective treatment in a healing environment.  Never rushed, treated beautifully by this gifted woman”
~Beth D., New York, New York

“The session with the Ancient Singing Bowl Vibrations felt as though my spine was cleared of history and put me in balance to experience and feel the present in a completely new light. A special addition at the end of the amazingly loving and safe session with Kathy was vibrating away the seemingly ever present Monkey Mind with the vibration of one particular Singing Bowl. What a relief it was and is to have the good fortune to work with Kathy and be able to let it all go and begin today in balance. Thank you, Kathy!!!”

~L.E. New York, New York

“There is a true beauty and elegance to these healing sessions.  Kathy was totally focused on my comfort and well being, such that I felt myself go deeply into a relax and open meditative state.  It was such a unique experience… the bowls literally vibrate through the mat and through the body.  It was the sensation of singing, but happening in my cells! When I stood up after the session I felt centered, grounded and very very calm. Unbelievably great!”

~ Britt Martin, Long Island, New York

“The experience was so unexpected, the bowls seemed to be “singing” to me my own vibration. They seemed to be aligning with my very own cellular vibration because the vibrations felt totally familiar! It was wild! The singing bowls went so deep into my cellular structure, I was still vibrating after the session. I felt completely relaxed and at deep peace with myself. It was beautiful and very humbling.”

~ Teri Merliss, New Milford, New Jersey

“I highly recommend working with Katherine Hamer! I felt so taken care of and pampered. As soon as I walked in to her sweet space and lay down, the deep relaxation and deep release began. She was so intuitive and through her use of the bowls helped me pin point some blocks. After the session my body continued to vibrate and I could feel a sense of completion around whatever my body had been holding on to. I went again for a second time and it felt like I was able to relax even more deeply. I am looking forward to third session! The sound of the bowls just moves my spirit and combined with her gentle presence I am taken to another place, closer to my heart. Thank you Katherine Hamer!!!”

~A.M, New York, New York

“If you are seeking an experience of beautiful, deep relaxation and a release of mental & physical tension which results in you leaving the session in a state of peace and balance, then this is for you. The lovely atmosphere of the space, the wise & nurturing skills of Katherine Hamer and the resonant tones of the Tibetan Singing Bowls all support your wellness and wholeness. Highly recommended for all!”

~R.S, New York, New York


Experiences of the Atma Buti Practitioner Certification Course….

“If you’re lucky enough to experience a Private Session or a Group Sound Meditation with Kathy you’ll very quickly learn that it’s a very special experience. Attending one of her Sound Meditations was a catalyst of great change in my life. That very first hour I spent with Kathy and her beautiful singing bowls were extremely transformational and I decided immediately it was something I wanted to study and share with others. The practitioner course I undertook with Kathy was extremely comprehensive and enables one to become a confident and knowledgeable therapist specialising in an ancient healing art. I’m extremely grateful for everything Kathy has shared with me and her ongoing support.”

~ Phoebe Joel, Sound Healer + Jeweler, Sydney, Australia & New York

“I immediately felt comfortable with Katherine. She shared her knowledge and wisdom about the Singing Bowls and encouraged me to jump right in with the new skills I had learned. Even after I finished my training she was always available to answer questions or concerns. She is a wonderful and giving person as well as an intuitive healer.”

~Joy Mino, Certified Pilates Trainer, New Jersey

“Kathy is one of a kind. From the moment I stepped foot into a group meditation I felt at home. Feeling the vibration and energy of the bowls for the first time I tears started flowing, not in a sad way, but in a release and a “happy I’m here” kind of way. When I saw that Kathy passed this gift on through a certification program I knew I had to take part. Now I have the honor and privilege of giving the gift that Kathy has shared with me.”

~Dyan Tsiumis,  Owner, GET FIERCE TRAINING , Certified Personal Trainer & Holistic Health Coach,      New York

“Kathy is an amazing and intuitive teacher. She is so passionate about her training and this comes through in her training classes. She instilled confidence in me as a student and I have gone on to do many classes which people so love and benefit from. A million thanks Kathy as I continue to expand my work with the bowls.”

~Liz DooleyAcupuncturist, Wexford, Ireland 

“Kathy is a very gifted and inspiring teacher; she;s caring attentive and clear. Above all, she’s extremely dedicated to her work with the bowls. I absolutely LOVED taking the practitioner course!”

~Nicholas WestAstrologer & Healer, Santa Cruz, California



FullSizeRenderGatha opened as each bell is rung…

“With body, speech and mind in perfect oneness I send my heart along with the sound of the bell. May all who hear it awaken from forgetfulness and transcend all anxiety and sorrow.”
–Monks and Nuns of Plum Village and Zen Master Thich