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Singing Bowl Retreat

Learn to heal with singing bowls in the Adirondack mountains of New York!

I’m happy to announce a new opportunity, for current or past student’s of Katherine’s only, to train and learn ancient singing bowl healing protocols.

This is an official advanced protocols Sound Healing Practitioner training which fulfills the requirements for certification by the Singing Bowl & Sound Institute of New York. 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn sound healing, this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. It’ll take place in a classic Adirondack lodging setting at an Historic Great Camp April 27 – May 1st, 2019.

It’s a magical place to refresh your singing bowl healing practice or to learn sound healing so you can incorporate it into your services!

Hope to see you there!

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Nicole & Katherine join together again Shake & Release Workshop.

About your Body:
In yoga, the hips are thought to be the baggage center for negative emotions. By releasing this area we may help to relieve lower back pain as well as free other tension filled areas of the body and mind- this may be intense for some people.
The psoas muscle, also referred to as your “fight or flight muscle” is responsible for stabilizing the body. This muscle, deep in the center of the body, attaches the lower lumbar vertebrae to the pelvis and legs -structurally connecting the upper and lower body. This is where most people unconsciously hold stress.

About the Workshop:
This workshop will start with a series of vigorous yoga postures aimed at warming up the psoas muscle. All levels of yoga practice are welcomed and modifications will be given if needed.

The second part of the practice, you will be lead on a journey of shaking out and releasing trapped energies from deep within these primal places while being bathed in the warm healing tones of the Tibetan Singing Bowls lead by Kathy Hamer.

All throughout the practice and during shavasana,(rest) the singing bowls will be placed on the body or at the head with the intention to heal, align, and gently move stuck energy out creating space within for deeper healing. The bowls will be filled with warm water infused with the magical, high vibration essential oil blend made especially for this workshop.

Heal essential oil blen TGHC

It’s FINALLY SPRING! And to celebrate I wanted to let you in on my upcoming collaboration with The Good Home Company’s Founder and President Christine Dimmick. We’re going to be at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA in May for Mother’s Day for a moving and spiritually cleansing experience, to purify and cleanse stagnant and unwanted energy while bringing balance and harmony!

Exciting New Spring Singing Bowl Treatments

For the months of April, May & June, I will be offering tailored, uplifting, Spring Clearing & Cleaning sessions utilizing The Good Home Company’s high vibration, highest quality essential oils. Each treatment session is one hour and includes a bottle of oil used during your session to take home for continuing support and care. Bowls chosen for this session are also uniquely tailored to your individual needs. $200

Email Kathy to book your session now! 

– Cassia + Cardamom + Clove + Rosemary + Red Thyme + Balsam Peru-
A signature blend based on Thieves’ oil this is a must have during the cold and flu season to boost immunity and fight germs. Paired with the Ancient Tibetan Protocol for Relaxation, this session is targeted for those seeking protection, comfort, who feel energetically low and in need of health renewal.

– Pure Rose Otto + Bergamot-
The power of pure Rose Otto is the primary oil in this blend. Precious Rose Oil has long been used for mental clarity, relaxation and a general well-being. A touch of Bergamot is added for its anti- anxiety properties. Use this blend whenever you feel off base and want to find your way back to your center. Excellent for meditation, this oil will be Paired with the Ancient Tibetan Protocol for Chakra Balancing. This session is targeted for those feel generally out of sorts, who seek clarity, balance and a good chakra scrubbing!

– Myrrh + Frankincense + Neroli-
The cleansing properties of Myrrh and precious oils of Frankincense and Neroli have long been used in ceremonies to “cleanse” the air and space of unwanted and old energy. All three of these oils are in our Cleanse is ideal after an argument or stressful situation to bring about a newness and progression to the future. Paired with the Ancient Tibetan Protocol for Stress, Depression & Emotional Release, this session is targeted for those seeking optimism, inner wisdom, and a bright, energetic uplift.

– Roman Chamomile + Lavender-
Use this blend whenever you overwhelmed or to promote a peaceful night’s sleep. This oil will Paired with the Ancient Tibetan Protocol for Serenity. This session is targeted for those deal generally with symptoms of anger, aggression, arthritis and blood pressure. This treatment is tailored for those seeking inner calm and serenity, deep breathing, peace and relaxation.


For more information about Christine Dimmick and The Good Home Company and her wonderful oils and other health and home products, visit

Fridays Open House Open Heart

9/3/2018 UPDATE! This offering is currently on hold!

A couple weeks ago, I held an open house. It was so well received I am going to continue the practice to make the bowls available to people seeking a sanctuary from the daily stresses of life…or to just be. 

You are cordially invited to drop in to my studio every Friday between 9am and Noon!

I’m calling it Open House, Open Heart. Come in and meditate, sit with the bowls, learn how to play a bowl, shop bowls, have a cup of tea, talk to me….whatever you need… my door is open! Open your heart and take time to nurture your wellbeing. 

Open House, Open Heart will be available every Friday indefinitely, unless I have something else listed on the Events page. I will keep it in my schedule on the website and let you know if I can’t make a week.

The Singing Bowl Studio
at 293 Central Park West, between 89th & 90th

Fridays Open House Open Heart

Katherine Hamer, Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA

Kathy returns to Canyon Ranch in March to share the healing and transformative power of the singing bowls. Canyon Ranch is an All Inclusive Health Resort & Luxury Spa located in the Berkshires of Lenox, Massachusetts.

Choose from indoor and outdoor activities year-round, including dozens of daily fitness and mind-body classes, guided hikes and bike rides, indoor tennis, canoeing, stand-up paddle board, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, the High Ropes Course, croquet on the great lawn and much more.

Dine on amazing, nutritious cuisine in the elegant Dining Room, Café Jardin on the outdoor terrace or in the delightful Cafe, featuring Mediterranean-style cuisine and small plates perfect for sharing. All meals are included in your stay.

Friday – March 10th @ 4pm – Yoga Studio

Soothing yoga slows your body – reducing physical and emotional stress – as the sounds of the singing bowls become vibrational healing moving through and around you. Bowls filled with warm water and infused with oils are placed on attendees while in restorative poses. 

Saturday – March 11th @ 8pm – Yoga Studio

End your day with this peaceful unguided meditation using the vibrations of warm water and essential oil infused singing bowls. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing free of buttons and zippers. All attendees will take home a special 7 day Meditation Kit to support implementing meditation into their daily wellness practice. 

For more information and to book services at Canyon Ranch go to


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