It’s FINALLY SPRING! And to celebrate I wanted to let you in on my upcoming collaboration with The Good Home Company’s Founder and President Christine Dimmick. We’re going to be at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA in May for Mother’s Day for a moving and spiritually cleansing experience, to purify and cleanse stagnant and unwanted energy while bringing balance and harmony!

Exciting New Spring Singing Bowl Treatments

For the months of April, May & June, I will be offering tailored, uplifting, Spring Clearing & Cleaning sessions utilizing The Good Home Company’s high vibration, highest quality essential oils. Each treatment session is one hour and includes a bottle of oil used during your session to take home for continuing support and care. Bowls chosen for this session are also uniquely tailored to your individual needs. $200

Email Kathy to book your session now! 

– Cassia + Cardamom + Clove + Rosemary + Red Thyme + Balsam Peru-
A signature blend based on Thieves’ oil this is a must have during the cold and flu season to boost immunity and fight germs. Paired with the Ancient Tibetan Protocol for Relaxation, this session is targeted for those seeking protection, comfort, who feel energetically low and in need of health renewal.

– Pure Rose Otto + Bergamot-
The power of pure Rose Otto is the primary oil in this blend. Precious Rose Oil has long been used for mental clarity, relaxation and a general well-being. A touch of Bergamot is added for its anti- anxiety properties. Use this blend whenever you feel off base and want to find your way back to your center. Excellent for meditation, this oil will be Paired with the Ancient Tibetan Protocol for Chakra Balancing. This session is targeted for those feel generally out of sorts, who seek clarity, balance and a good chakra scrubbing!

– Myrrh + Frankincense + Neroli-
The cleansing properties of Myrrh and precious oils of Frankincense and Neroli have long been used in ceremonies to “cleanse” the air and space of unwanted and old energy. All three of these oils are in our Cleanse is ideal after an argument or stressful situation to bring about a newness and progression to the future. Paired with the Ancient Tibetan Protocol for Stress, Depression & Emotional Release, this session is targeted for those seeking optimism, inner wisdom, and a bright, energetic uplift.

– Roman Chamomile + Lavender-
Use this blend whenever you overwhelmed or to promote a peaceful night’s sleep. This oil will Paired with the Ancient Tibetan Protocol for Serenity. This session is targeted for those deal generally with symptoms of anger, aggression, arthritis and blood pressure. This treatment is tailored for those seeking inner calm and serenity, deep breathing, peace and relaxation.


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